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Megamenu Magento 2 module helps us build a nice menu. The menu will make your website more beautiful and professional. You can control everything in the admin.  The menu supports vertical and horizontal style as well as sticky.

  • Easy install and config.
  • Support full-width, static-width, classic.
  • It has 14 theme’s style.
  • Support Vertical & Horizontal type.
  • Submenu appear with Default, Fade In/Out and Slide Up.
  • Sticky Menu: Yes.
  • Control color for everything.


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Extenstore Megamenu Magento 2 is an amazing module, it helps to build the menu for websites easy.

This module allows you to configure background color, font size, and font color.  So you can make it compatible with your website’s style. You can configure background and color for submenus too.  You can also show static block, modules, and widgets on the menu.  The menu supports 12 themes.  For each theme, it has an effect when you hover the menu item.  The menu supports 3 effects for submenus: Default, Fade In/Out and Slide Up.  The menu also supports Sticky so the menu will be on top when we scroll the website.  It supports 2 types of display:  Horizontal & Vertical.  The menu supports responsive, so it can display nicely in a mobile layout.


  • Support Multi-Color
  • Support Sticky
  • Support Responsive
  • Menu has a 12 themes style
  • Menu has 3 effects for the submenu
  • Support Horizontal and Vertical display types
  • Displays static-block, modules, and widgets.
  • Added icon for the menu item.
  • Shows home button.


You can visit our demo Here


We can control everything.


Config Menu display Horizontal or Vertical

Stores => Configuration => EXTENSTORE => Es MegaMenu => Menu Display Type

Config Menu’s theme:

Stores => Configuration => EXTENSTORE => Es MegaMenu => Menu Theme

Config Sticky Menu

Stores => Configuration => EXTENSTORE => Es MegaMenu => Sticky Menu

General Setting 1

  • Default Menu TypeOptions – Full Width, Static Width, Classic.
    • When we select Static Width, it will appear one more param is “Static Width” below where you can put value for width (pixel).
  • Menu Theme: Options – Theme 1, Theme 2 … Theme 14, Your Theme.
    • When we select Your Theme we can define your theme in file view\frontend\web\css\style.css, we will see css code like this “.es_megamenu .es_mm_items.theme14” and we only need duplicate these code and change to “.es_megamenu .es_mm_items.yourtheme”. Now you can change css like you want.
  • Max Width: Config max-width for menu.
  • Menu Font size: Config font-size for menu item level 1.
  • Visible Menu Depth : Config Level of menu will display.

General Setting 2

  • Menu Font Size: Set font-size for menu item level 1
  • Visible Menu Depth: Set level of menu will display.
  • Menu Display Type: Menu can displays 2 types are Horizontal & Vertical
  • Submenu Effect: Support 3 effects for submenu’s appear – Default, Fade In/Out, Slide Up.
  • Show Home Button: Select Yes to show Home button on menu  .
  • Home Button Icon: We can add icon class for home button. Eg: if we are using fontawesome, we can add home icon class is “fas fa-home


General Setting 3

We can config Background Color for menu, config Text Color and color for text when hover, text color for active status.

General Setting 4

This settings are for submenu with mega style. We can config background color for submenu, text color for submenu and text color when hover.

General Setting 5

This settings are for submenu with css style. We can config background color for submenu, text color for submenu and text color when hover.

General Setting 6

Config the menu display Sticky or  not. When we select Yes, if we scroll the page, the menu will always display on top.

General Setting 7

We can add a static block on the top or the bottom menu. we only need put Static Block Id.

Menu Item Settings

These settings are for each menu item when we edit a category

(Admin => CATALOG => Categories)

Item Settings 1

  • Sub Menu Columns Width: If this item’s submenu has 2 columns, we want to set the first column is 300px and the send column is 500px of width. We can put value is: 300|500
  • Hide This Menu Item: Select Yes to hide this menu item from menu.
  • Font Icon Class: Put the class of icon font that we want it display in front of this menu item.
    • Eg: if we use fontawesome and want to show phone icon you can put fas fa-phone to this param.
  • Show Menu Content: If we select Yes, it will show menu item’s description.
  • Show Menu Block: If we select Yes, it will show block in Content=>Add CMS Block when config menu item

Item Settings 2

  • Menu Width: We can put auto  or set with is px (eg: 100px).
  • Sub Menu Type: 2 type for submenu are Mega Menu & Css Menu
  • Sub Width Type: Menu support 3 types of width:
    • Default: Menu’s width will auto
    • Static Width: Select this, we can put with value (eg: 800px) in param Sub Menu Width below
    • Full Width: Width of submenu will auto display full.
  • Sub Menu Columns: Config number of columns for submenu.

Item Settings 3

  • Sub Content Top: Show content on top of submenu
  • Sub Content Rigth: Show content on right of submenu

Item Settings 4

  • Sub Content Bottom: Show content on Bottom of submenu
  • Sub Content Left: Show content on Left of submenu

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